Friday, September 19, 2008

NFL fines Kerney for doing even less

by: Chris Sullivan

Patrick Kerney was fined $5,000 today for grasping the facemask in the game against the 49ers. Remember that penalty?

You don't?

Oh right! That's because they threw no flag, called no penalty, or even noticed it. Sando says "Kerney's infraction escapes my memory." Yeah, I find it hard to recall penalties that were not called as penalties, too, especially amongst the sea of non-penalties that were called as penalties. So confusing! I'm glad the NFL is watching game film all week to correct mistakes that their officials made during the game. Y'know, like not calling penalties.

The ones they call that shouldn't have been called? They don't overturn those. Wouldn't want to risk the integrity of the officiating.

Give me a flippin' break.

Worth noting is that Kerney received the same fine that Justin Tuck of the Giants did. Why is that notable? Tuck literally ripped Marc Bulger's facemask and practically spun the helmet in one of the most obvious and painful-looking facemasks I've seen in years. Apparently whatever Kerney did, which none of the officials happened to notice and no one from the 49ers has pointed out (which they did for Russell's alleged late hit on O'Sullivan), warranted the exact same punishment as Tuck's offense.

At least they punished Marshawn Lynch for that hit and run. Oh, wait... END