Monday, September 15, 2008

Koren Robinson expected to sign tomorrow

by: Chris Sullivan

Clare Farnsworth is reporting that Koren Robinson was in Renton today and will have a physical tomorrow; if he passes that, he will be signing and will once again be a Seattle Seahawk. Whether this is a long-term solution remains to be seen, but I commend Ruskell (and will take full credit for his turnaround) for considering him despite his history. Thanks to those in the comments who pointed this one out.

Also, thanks to Pete on the blog for giving us some information about Koren -- Pete was the first to let us know that Koren had been in Seattle last week, and gave us a tip but I didn't feel right saying anything that might be construed as a rumor without the Blogger-in-Chief's express permission.

The acquisitions may not be complete for the Seahawks, and a trade may still be in the works. Holmgren may well have known about KornRow coming back yesterday or at least during today's press conference, but still mentioned looking out for a trade for a player who knows our system. One would assume he was referring to DJ Hackett or Darrell Jackson, but both still seem like stretches. Hackett has only two games with his new team who clearly thought somewhat highly of him, and he is plagued with injuries; DJack was not happy when he left and had not really performed in the past two years since taking off. With Brandon Marshall back, we may be able to get him for pretty minor compensation, but it remains to be seen if we want him.

Remember -- though a lot of us Addicts have been calling for KornRow's return, he is not necessarily the solution we need. He should be able to help, but if he does indeed sign, we can expect him to be rusty and likely he will continue dropping balls. Still, he was a number one receiver for us for year or two... END