Thursday, September 25, 2008

Webster and Lewis Mentioned for Lions GM Job

by: Michael Steffes

Adam Schefter of the NFL Network has brought up Ruston Webster and Will Lewis's names as possible GMs for the Detroit Lions. I thought the same thing yesterday when people were suggesting they take a similar approach to the hiring just done in Atlanta. Specifically, finding a personal familiar with scouting and personnel from a successful organization.

I thought it was worthy to note this. Neither Webster or Lewis are being interviewed or anything, yet. In fact, the Lions said they won't hire anyone until the offseason. However, expect this to become more common as jobs come up. Webster was someone that Tim Ruskell brought in from his days in Tampa and seemingly is grooming to be a GM in this league. Currently Webster handles the salary cap for the Hawks and Lewis handles all of the pro personnel. He would have been heavily involved in the recent WR crisis, which was handled as well as one could imagine. Both are quality candidates and would be bringing a winning philosophy to a new organization. This is something to watch over the offseason. ~END~