Saturday, September 20, 2008

Week Three Picks

by: Chris Sullivan

Last Week, yours truly took the cake by taking Buffalo over Jacksonville and New England over the Bretts:

Steffes 9-6
Sullivan 11-4
Gonzo 9-6

That means, on the season we have:

Steffes 18-13
Gonzo 17 - 14
Sullivan 17 - 14

Here are this weeks picks:

GAME Steffes Sullivan Gonzo
Kansas City @ Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta
Oakland @ Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
Tampa Bay @ Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago
Carolina @ Minnesota Minnesota Carolina Minnesota
Miami @ New England New England New England New England
Cincinnatti @ New York Giants NYG NYG NYG
Houston @ Tennessee Tennessee Houston Tennessee
Arizona @ Washington Arizona Washington Washington
Detroit @ San Francisco San Fran San Fran Detroit
New Orleans @ Denver Denver Denver Denver
Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Philly
Jacksonville @ Indy Jacksonville Indy Indy
Cleveland @ Baltimore Cleveland Cleveland Baltimore
Dallas @ GreenBay Green Bay Dallas Green Bay
NYJ @ San Diego San Diego San Diego San Diego
St. Louis @ Seattle Seattle…. 31-20 Seattle… 23 - 13 Seattle

Not a ton to cover here: nine of the games are unanimous picks, with Chris straying from the crowd with Carolina, Houston and Dallas; Gonzo flexing his independence on Baltimore, Philly and Detroit, and Steffes probably making Gonzo and I look like boobs by picking Jacksonville over Indy, and 'Zona over Zorn(a).