Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Welcome Back, K-Rob

by: Mike Parker

This will be quick, because I'm busy with work, but it's official:

Koren Robinson is a Seahawk again!

Word also has it that the Hawks gave up a late-round draft pick for WR Keary Colbert from Denver, who was previously with Carolina.

Early reports are saying Robinson could be back on the field as quickly as Sunday's game against the Rams, and quite frankly, I sure as hell hope so.

Whether or not this move is going to be in any way beneficial for the team remains to be seen, of course, because K-Rob is a question mark at best. But for now, my nerves are a little at ease, and I'm very relieved to see this happen.

The rest of this post, 12th Man, is all yours. Discuss! -END-