Tuesday, September 30, 2008

From Shortage to Surplus

by: Mike Parker

Mike Holmgren told Danny O'Neil yesterday that a roster move could be imminent, considering that the team now has seven active receivers on the 53-man squad.

"We probably have too many," coach Mike Holmgren said. "I never thought I'd say that, but it's true. But before I say anything we've got to think about it just a little bit more."

Does that mean a roster move is coming on Tuesday?

"Could be," he said. "Could be."

Whatever Holmgren has up his sleeve, I'm not holding my breath. Roster moves are old hat by now with the 2008 Seahawks, with a league-leading seven players on injured reserve. The wide receiver shuffle is also something we're all used to by now, which put poor Matt Hasselbeck into more fantasy team add/drops than he's probably been in since the Knee Incident against Minnesota in 2006. Hell, Matt's been passed around so much by now, his nickname should be "the bong."

But I digress. Our faithful leader gets his two best weapons back this week heading into New York, and that couldn't have happened at a better time. Mr. O'Neil was even kind enough to record a quick video of said weapons--Deion Branch and Bobby Engram, of course--on the practice field yesterday and posted it here.

Holmgren says he'd obviously like the roster to be 100 percent going into Eli-land on Sunday, but that still appears to be wishful thinking. Mo Morris didn't practice yesterday with a knee injury sustained in Week One, and we've heard little to nothing on the progress of Seneca Wallace--although seeing him dressed against St. Louis two weeks ago was promising.

But, like Holmgren put it, depth at receiver is no longer the issue. And with Julius Jones playing out of his mind in the past two games, having Mo Morris back shouldn't be at the top of our worry list. Could the bye week have possibly come at a better time? -END-