Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seahawk Addicts Tailgating Info

by: Mike Parker

My fellow Seahawk Addicts and loyal readers -

You may have heard rumors of a Seahawk Addict tailgate party taking place before the upcoming home opener on Sunday morning, and this post is to finally clear the air and confirm that the rumors are all true. (Much like when you first heard about Tom Brady and Giselle What's-Her-Name dating.)

Myself, Mr. Steffes and Mr. Sullivan will be behind PaperZone on 1st Avenue from about 10 a.m. until 12:30 or so on Sunday, and we're welcoming anyone and everyone over to say hi, have a drink, cook up some food or just hang out with us and the rest of the readers and assorted friends who will be showing up. We only ask that you bring your own food to cook and beverage of choice to consume. The address of PaperZone is 1911 1st Ave. S, Seattle. We will be under a big Seahawks canopy. It's not too far away from Qwest, and the game-time march to the stadium is an event that no Seahawks fan should ever go through life missing out on.

So we hope to see you all there, as it will be the first time in Seahawk Addicts history that the readers and writers meet face-to-face. And I know you all want to be a part of history, right? Of course you do. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to choose to spend their morning with the three of us incomprehensible wankers? I know I wouldn't miss it. Then again, I do write for the site....

So, dear readers, I look forward to seeing you all - or at least, most of you - on Sunday morning, shortly before we give JT O'Sullivan an appropriate 12th Man welcome. I'll be wearing my Patrick Kerney jersey in sheer anticipation of that prediction alone. Let the good times roll, my friends. And I will personally reward anyone with free beer who throws things at Tony Siragusa. -END-