Monday, September 22, 2008

Holmgren on the Mic

by: Michael Steffes

Mike Holmgren has taken the podium for his day-after press conference. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Mike thinks the line has been doing a very good job; no assignment errors and very physical play. He thinks Leonard Weaver did an excellent job blocking.
  • Holmgren says the team is striving for balance. Yesterday they ran the ball twice as much as they threw it. Buffalo was just the opposite.
  • Holmgren gave high praise to Chop. He said Solari is thrilled with how he is playing as well. It is just a matter of keeping him healthy because he is a pretty good player.
  • Lock is back, and he is fine coming out of yesterday. Coach says that Morris, Branch, Engram, Wallace, and Robinson should be good coming out of the bye. They are expected back.
  • He said one problem they just talked about was how hard it will be to choose the inactive players, especially at WR. How funny is that?
  • He said that with Branch, you have to watch him because he hasn't really been banged around yet, but the timing should be there because he has been practicing. Holmgren said Engram's play on his return will be like riding a bike. They also have to find a way to get Robinson some reps so that he can re-develop his chemistry with Matt.
  • The line is kind of up in the air. Holmgren really likes what Willis brings to the right side of the line. He said they are going to have to talk about what to do on the line. (Has Locklear been Wally Pipp-ed?)
  • Holmgren doesn't anticipate a lot of roster activity, but they will continue to bring players in to work out, and are always looking to improve the team.
  • Holmgren says he has faith in Bumpus as a punt returner, even though he misjudged that ball and made a mistake trying to catch it. He surmises that we won't see that happen again.
  • "Have a great week everybody!" says coach.
And it is official...the bye week is upon us. ~END~