Sunday, September 21, 2008

UPDATING Thread: Seahawks vs. Rams

by: Chris Sullivan

3:57 -- Well, I think we saw a little bit more of the team we were expecting to see the last two weeks. This will give us something to build off of, get the rest of our team healthy over the Bye, and hopefully be as dominating in the future as we were against this very bad team. Great effort by all, the secondary looked quite good, the two biggest pass plays came from a missed LoJack tackle and a Dane Looker catch over Leroy Hill downfield.

3:33 -- Exactly what we needed. A 9 minute drive culminating in a touchdown. Our O-Line looks very good, and depending on how quickly we get the ball back here, it is a very real possibility that TJ Duckett reaches the 100 yard mark too (J Jones has long since surpassed that mark).

2:40 -- Everything is under control going into the half. The Hawks offense and defense are looking very good, but doing so over a fairly awful team. Still, it feels good at the moment.

2:05 -- TJ Duckett just pushed it in from about 3 yards out, apparently creating some sort of black hole based on the fact that he pulled every Ram that was near him with him into the endzone. The play was set up by a beautiful pass to McMullen. This is what one week of practice with an elite quarterback will get you.

1:52 -- Michael Bumpus fumbled on a stupid rookie mistake. The D made a good stand, but Brown came out and kicked an easy field goal. I think I might have seen a tear in his eye, though... funny, I didn't hear the 50% of the fans who were cheering him on...

1:37 -- 29 yard TD run by Julius Jones, the longest from scrimmage this year. Hasselbeck had two monster blocks (well, blocks) on the run, and no one really knows how the hell JJ got through the cluster he ran into. 17-0 Hawks.

1:23 -- The Hawks have looked pretty good thus far on offense, driving 50+ down before sputtering in the redzone, but coming away with an Olindo Mare field goal. On the Rams first offensive drive, Julian Peterson sacked, forced a fumble, and recovered said fumble. The Hawks just drove down, converted on a 4th and 1, and capped it off with a 10 yard TD pass to Michael Bumpus, the first of his career. McMullen has looked good so far, no sight of Taylor.

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