Thursday, September 18, 2008

Worried About the Defense?

by: Michael Steffes

I think that there is reason to be. In theory, we should have one of the top defenses in the league. There is a Pro Bowler starter in each core group. However, despite all the talk, the Seahawks defense has been anything but elite lately. This is a massive concern going forward.

Take a look at the Seahawks' last 5 games; only one of them is even passable. However, as fans, it seems that excuses have become the name of the game.

Atlanta 12/30/2007- 44 points
Chris Redman, who by the way was clearly beat out by a rookie this preseason, QBs Atlanta to a huge win. On the way he chucks the ball for 251 yards and 4 touchdowns. More importantly, Redman averages 9.3 yards per attempt. The excuse is that it is a meaningless game and defense can't be played properly while simultaneously trying to avoid injury.

Washington (WC Game) 1/5/2008- 14 points
Seahawks play a damn fine defensive game, albeit against game manager Todd Collins. By shutting down the run game, Collins is forced to move the ball through the air. While Collins makes good use of a short field after two Matt picks, which is a time when the defense really should be tougher, in the end Collins is picked off for the first two times of the season and both are taken to the house.

Green Bay (div game) 1/12/08- 42 points
Do I need to say anything? The Seahawks' defense starts out ok, but mostly because of two Packer fumbles. Then, things go south. Grant gets 200 yards rushing, and Favre throws for three TDs. The next week, this offense is ground to a halt by the Giants. The Seahawks fast, light, and aggressive defense got pushed around in the snow, or so the story goes.

Buffalo 9/7/08 -34 points We all watched this game and could see there was more at work than the defense getting shredded, but because of the other issues they may have gotten a bit of a free pass. They failed to force a Bills turnover even once. Trent Edwards completed 60% of his passes. The defense recorded only one sack, when Patrick Kerney was matched against Marshawn Lynch. If anything, the defense was unable to cover for mistakes made by special teams, allowing a TD on the drive following the first poor punt, and TD on the play following the Josh Wilson fumble. Overall the team gave up 34 points, and there is no excuse.

SF 9/14/08- 33 points- Fresh in our minds, the debacle last weekend. Has-been and never-will-be receivers along with a QB who has been tossed away more times than yesterday's news shred the Hawks at home. Again, the offense gave up 7 points here, but isn't the story more that they retook the lead with 7 minutes to go and then the defense essentially allowed 1 game tying drive and 2 game winning drives? Had Nedney not yanked that kick, the Niners would have won in regulation.

That is 4 out of the last 5 games. This team has consistently given up above 30 points. Don't count on any trips to Hawaii this year if this play continues. To me, I see this defense not playing as a cohesive unit. They stink of a unit who went into last week believing the 12th man would do their work for them. If they underestimate this week's opponent, believe me Torry Holt, Steven Jackson, and Marc Bulger will hang some points on them. Hopefully, they will see their record as of late and maybe play up to their level of talent. Else, the bye week may be time to consider changes. ~END~