Thursday, September 18, 2008

Robinson Looking Sharp in Practice

by: Mike Parker

Good news from Renton this morning -

Koren Robinson is looking like the same player the Seahawks drafted in 2001. At least, for now. It is, after all, only practice.

Eric Williams does a great job of getting the scoop on K-Rob here, which also includes some very mature and encouraging comments from the man himself:

“I can still play, don’t get it twisted,” Robinson quipped while talking with a throng of reporters after practice. “But I’m not where I’m going to be. I’m not coming in here to be the savior or anything like that. I’m just coming in here and hopefully I can be that spark that we need on the offensive side of the ball.”
That being said, I'm glad the news on our former favorite receiver wasn't just all empty hype--it really seems as though he's come a long way since being chased by police and showing up to practice drunk. Frankly, this team needs all the positivity it can get right now. -END-