Sunday, September 21, 2008

Post-Game Discussion

by: Mike Parker

What can I say, everyone - fantastic showing today. Jones and Duckett combined for 219 yards on the ground, and even though the pass attack wasn't what I'd hoped, it still held enough consistency to have fewer drops than in previous weeks. (Not to mention no freakish-tips-turned-unfortunate-interceptions.)

Overall, I think the game was an excellent boost of momentum going into the bye week and a definite solid display of this team's strengths. And most importantly, HELLO, REJUVENATED RUNNING GAME! (Even if it was against the lowly Rams...)

Anyway, enough out of me - Chris did a stellar job of chronicling the game as the minutes went by, and Steffes is heading back to LA on a plane shortly, so have at the discussion, everyone. Go Hawks! -END-