Sunday, September 28, 2008

SF Secondary No Match for Shorthanded Saints

by: Michael Steffes

Despite the fact that Jeremy Shockey and Marcus Colston are out and David Patten is slowed by injury, the Saints are going up top early and often on the Niners. Lance Moore (Who? You're welcome, Bad News Kennels) has caught two touchdown passes, and Drew Brees just hit Robert Meachem on a long TD pass before the half.

The Niners have been able to force Brees out of his rhythm a bit with pressure, but when he has had time he picks them apart. Also, much like Kurt Warner, J.T. O'Sullivan has also had some ball security issues this morning.

My question is this: how come the Hawks are the only team who takes a bad wrap for playing poorly at 10:00 AM? I can't remember the Cards or Niners ever playing great in these situations, and they have often had the benefit of playing lesser teams in the Eastern divisions. ~END~