Saturday, September 27, 2008

Looking Forward to my Trip to NY Now

by: Michael Steffes

I hate to even give these losers more publicity, but the blogoshpere has already exploded on this. If there wasn't a reason for outsiders to dislike Seahawk fans, there is now.

The owner of a Seahawks based message board that you may have seen, called Seahawks Huddle, posted one of the most offensive and appalling attempts at trash talk I have ever seen. It was enough that the NY Daily News even took notice. As has Deadspin. And rightfully so, there is a lot of Hawkfan bashing going on.

Every fanbase has its idiots. Put them behind a computer and things get interesting. This is just pathetic, and it makes me sad. Judging by the reaction of Giants fans, I expect to hear about this next week while attending the game. In both of the last Giants games at Qwest, I sat next to Giants fans, and I found them to be to both humble and knowledgeable. Hopefully, after the anger subsides, they will understand that this is one isolated asshat and not a representation of Seahawks fans in general. ~END~

[Given the subject matter, the comments responding to this post are likely going to be angry and rough. Vent if you need to, but please try to keep your language out of four-letter territory. -Ed.]