Saturday, January 10, 2009

Add One More

by: Michael Steffes

In Adam Schefter's report on our hiring, he also mentions the Seahawks have hired Joe Barry to coach the linebackers.

Joe Barry is of course Rob Marinelli's son in law. He was the defensive coordinator of the Lions pathetic attempt at defense the last two years. Before that he was the Bucs linebackers coach. This hire is out of the blue. Maybe the team doesn't think our linebackers need coaching? I guess with both Chris Beake (former Mora Lb coach), and Casey Bradley (previous LB coach) that Barry will have plenty of input. He didn't have much talent to work with in Det, so I guess we will see what happens here. To his credit, Detroit was top 10 in both interceptions and sacks in 2007 under Barry, and he was known as a rising star when in Tampa. Maybe it was just the black hole of Detroit that was the issue?

Hey, if we get the Raiders special teams coach, we will be on to something. You will notice that Schefter also mentions that Dan Quinn, the new d-line coach, was one of the more sought after coaches on the market. So we got that going for us, which is nice. END