Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jim Mora Press Conference

by: Michael Steffes

This guy is a heck of a personality. What energy! Seriously, I have a man crush now.

Mora covered all things Seahawks in his first press conference as the head coach. He talked about Hasselbeck spending the rest of his career as a Seahawk. He talked about what it means to run the football, and how that will help this team win on the road. He talked about the 15 hour interview that led him to hiring Gus Bradley. And most importantly, he talked about his motivation:

"What gets me jacked up is the thought of bringing that dang Lombardi Trophy back to Seattle, putting it in the seat next to me and then grabbing that thing and starting a parade at the Space Needle and ending it down at Qwest with 75,000 people in there just celebrating something Seattle has been thirsting for for years and year and years.""

There was a lot discussed, and I am sure some of the other news outlets will have more info later. I covered it live in the chat. Sorry if you missed the press conference. It was something! ~END~

UPDATE: For those of you who missed it, you can now see the entire press conference (nearly an hour long) on the Seahawks' website.