Monday, January 19, 2009

Assclown Watch: Boldin-gate Expands

by: Chris Sullivan

There's not an Addict out there who hasn't had their eye on Anquan Boldin since he demanded a trade last offseason. We've long argued that the Cards would not be stupid enough to trade one of their best players to the Seahawks (or any divisional rival), but with a championship run underway with little-to-no production from Mr. Boldin, it is possible that they won't be too concerned with that after all. I still don't see it happening, but it becomes more likely that they would part with him for the right price. (Say, a high 2nd and 5th round pick?)

However, the matter is fast becoming a question of whether or not Ruskell even want this guy. We all saw Boldin yesterday screaming at Todd Haley on the sidelines, but apparently he didn't stop there. Boldin stormed off the field, through the locker room, and left ASAP rather than celebrating what is arguably the biggest moment in the franchise's history.

Ruskell takes clear issue with players who lack "good character," but it also seems probable that he is keeping Julius Jones around, who practically pissed his pants on the sidelines this past year. If Ruskell decided to rebuild the wide receiver position this year, as he has with RBs and the secondary in the last two years, could we end up with a Boldin-Crabtree-Branch/Burleson system?

I'd say it remains very unlikely, but it has gotten a little bit more likely in recent weeks. What say you, Seahawk faithful?