Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Rumblings from the Rumor Mill

by: Mike Parker

How's this for your daily dose of gossip:

FanNation is speculating on a possible Vikings-Seahawks trade involving Matt Hasselbeck.

Personally, I think this barely has a snowball's chance in hell of actually happening. Since the Seahawks are keeping a West Coast Offense in place with the new regime taking over, they'll want to stick with a quarterback who knows the system inside and out. Few quarterbacks in the league know that system better than Matt Hasselbeck.

And sure, there's always the possibility of Mora and the new coaching staff deciding to draft a QB higher than expected this year, but nobody should count out Hasselbeck because of one injury-plagued season. He fought through multiple injuries in 2006 and followed it with a career year in 2007, so I'm betting on history repeating itself for 2009. (What can I say, the glass is half-full.)

Besides, with the front office keeping a sharp eye on Michael Crabtree, they're going to need a proven quarterback under center if they take a receiver in the first round. And don't get me wrong, Seneca Wallace had a quality year filling in for Hasselbeck, but I say we keep both of them and don't bother with a trade.

(Cue hypothetical Hasselbeck-for-Hutchinson discussion in 5...4...3...) -END-