Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rams hire new Coach

by: Chris Sullivan 

The Giants' defensive coordinator is joining the NFC West, as the Rams have just hired Steve Spagnuolo as their Head Coach. Thanks to Seth H. for the tip in the comments. Spags is definitely a big hire for the Rams as he was one of the most coveted folks in the coaching carousel this year.

Spags has run a very strong G-men defense for a couple years, but also has a strong background in scouting spending much of his early career as a scout for various teams. That is probably the most important thing for the Rams, as they seem to draft one bust after another in recent years. It could also alter the guy the Rams draft second overall... if anyone emerges from the combine as a top 5 pick on Defense, they may well go after him. Aaron Curry from Wake Forest jumps out at me. They may still go safe with a left tackle or something, but if someone demands Spags attention, they may well get it.

This also continues the NFC West's movement towards Defense-minded coaches, with only Ken Whisenhunt (you know, the guy coaching in the NFC Championship game tomorrow...) having an offensive background. Who has the best mind and the best players? Singletary, Mora or Spags?