Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tracking the Coach Carousel

by: Mike Parker

Danny O'Neil is keeping everyone up to date on the Seahawks' coaching carousel with this post.

With Jags officially out of the picture with the hiring of Greg Knapp, the real question will now be who's going to serve as the official John Marshall Upgrade. Rod Marinelli may still be in the running, but he just interviewed with the Texans, and the Bears have already offered him a position. It seems as though Marinelli's in no rush to decide, and is biding his time for now. The level of interest in Marinelli from around the league has been surprising, due to the fact that he just made history by helming the NFL's first 0-16 team. Other organizations around the league must be viewing Marinelli as an individual, and placing the blame on the Lions' dismal year on other shoulders.

It could be said that the safe money for the Seahawks' next defensive coordinator would be on Gus Bradley, mainly due to his ties with Ruskell in Tampa. Bradley wouldn't have to adjust much, and he would play to our defense's strengths; mainly to those of the linebackers.

But with the number of candidates paired with the number of coaching vacancies available in the league right now, Mora and Ruskell's search could lead them in almost any direction. -END-