Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seahawk Addicts Senior Bowl Coverage - 1st Half

by: Chris Sullivan

5:32 -- Heading into the half, B.J. Raji appears to have not shown up. His name was mentioned once, and not in a good way, as he got manhandled on a touchdown run. Michael Oher looked great early, then fell off a bit twice, once on a run play and another on a near sack that was only saved by some fancy QB footwork; on a 4th and 1, Oher just got called for a hold at the end of the 2nd on a stupid play. Patrick Chung is looking good, and the rest of the guys I said I would watch have been pretty so-so. Honestly, it's not a great game so far... Iglesias from Oklahoma is without a doubt the biggest non-factor from what I can tell, wow, mistake after mistake after mistake... 

5:29 -- Louis Delmars knows how to tackle. A DB from Western Michigan, wouldn't expect him to go too early, but he looked pretty good. I might have his name wrong. 

5:24 -- J. Johnson just broke a 15 yard run on 4th and 1; Unger led it with a great block, with Alex Mack assisting from the guard position. BAM, Screen pass to Jeremiah Johnson for 5 and a TD. Movin' on up... 

5:21 -- Andre Johnson is probably the MVP through the first half; Jeremiah Johnson of Oregon just broke open a nice 20 yard play for the North.  21-3 South, with the North driving.

5:01 -- Washington State's only player is not playing; injured his hamstring on Wednesday. William Moore is out for the rest of the game with a minor ankle injury. That may hurt his chances; dominant junior, weak senior year, might he drop to the second, even third? Could be a good option there.

4:55 -- Pat White is looking a bit better, and there was just a nice run off a screen pass (facilitated by a hold). Jennings from Liberty is in now, keeping my eye on him (per someone's suggestion). Touchdown by the fullback. Jennings almost had it on a 3 yard run, setting up Johnson from LSU for the short TD.

4:46 -- First play of the 2nd Quarter Ellis Lankster (WVU) just destroyed the RB. WOW. Not a Hawk, but a nice tackle. 

4:41 -- Rhett Bomar took one play to look better than Graham Harrell. We'll see if he can keep it up. Pat White looked pretty bad on his first drive, but there were two drops as well. Derek Pegues just made a nice little tackle, another guy the Hawks have their eyes on in the second or even third round at Safety. Looks pretty fast. 

4:36 -- Graham Harrell is not looking very good in the pro-style offense. Having a LOT of trouble getting it past the numbers... that said, Iglesias (Oklahoma) just stepped out of bounds while going to the ground to convert on a third down pass, thus nullifying his reception. The North is looking sloppy, sloppy... No wonder the Bengals stink. By the way, since when is Texas Tech "North"? 

4:21 -- Haha, some dude on the sidelines just got beaned in the ear by a throwaway pass.

4:18 -- Michael Oher is looking pretty dominant, doing basically whatever he wants with whoever is near him. 

4:13 -- Fili Moala looked good on 1st and 10, bursting through to distrupt the play a bit. He made a tackle on 2nd as well; I like him for a second, maybe even third round pick. FYI -- Max Unger is playing guard when Harrell is QB.

4:11 -- Patrick Chung just NAILED an intended receiver, heh heh. Chung moved up to #2 safety by Mayock after this week. 

4:07 -- If you see Graham Harrell, you're seeing Alex Mack; someone else (I missed who) will be taking snaps from Max Unger. 

4:06 -- The NFLN guys suggest watching BJ Raji, Brian Robiskie, and USC's other LB Cushing. I definitely like Robiskie as a second round pick if we don't grab Crabtree in the first.

Today marks the beginning of the offseason as far as I am concerned. The Senior Bowl is the first big event leading up to the draft, and you better believe we’re going to be doing our best to cover it. I’ll be watching (and recording) the game, and will try to keep an eye out for impressive (and disappointing) performances. This can serve as our updating thread (if necessary). Feel free to leave comments in the thread (obviously), and if there is interest, I can set up a chat room. Lemme know.