Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where Do Failed Seahawk Coaches Go to Die?

by: Michael Steffes

. . . Well, the Raiders, of course. First, the Raiders gave Dwaine Board work as their defensive line coach, and possibly on his recommendation they will also be interviewing the notorious John Marshall.

And they think that will replace Rob Ryan?

Well, considering that Al Davis is known to be HEAVILY involved on the defense, John Marshall seems like a perfect fit.

AL: John, play man to man on the outside!

JOHN: Can I blitz seven on every third down?

AL: Fine. I am sure no one will notice that pattern, just make sure Asomugha doesn't get exposed--I am paying him 18 million this year so he can never leave. Welcome to Hotel California, Marshall! Hahahahahhahaa!

JOHN: Are those track suits team issued? Where can I get me one? The silver one will match my hair!