Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How Important Was a Seahawk's Win in the Last Game Against the Cards?

by: William P. Tomisser

I've got to play a gig tonight with my band and won't be getting the next installment of the Seahawks Post Season Position Analysis detailing the receivers corps out until Thursday or Friday at the latest. With all the injuries we suffered to our receivers, I want to be able to give that part of the analysis its just due.

Meanwhile, while catching up with my KJR listening I came across the Nate Burleson show from December 30th in which Nate talked about the importance to the team of getting a win against the Cardinals in the last game of the season. Since we've hashed that one out over again and again here at SA, I thought you might be interested in listening to what one of the Seahawks had to say about it.

Nate was very candid and said that a win over a team that had already clinched the division three weeks prior may have let the guys sleep a little better that night but was not going to have any bearing on next year's version of the team, especially with the changes that were anticipated and having the new coaching staff taking over.

He did say that the only real thing they would have liked to do was win it for Holmgren, but overall it wasn't going to have any impact one way or the other on next year's team.

He didn't talk about the loss having any impact on the Seahawk's draft status, which was usually the main thrust of the conversation here in the Blog.

You can listen to the December 30th Nate Burleson show here.

Until I get back with the next Position Analysis on the receivers, give it a listen if you'd like to have a perspective from one of the players on a subject that we bantered around for awhile here on SA.