Thursday, January 15, 2009

Looking Forward to a Few Surprises?

by: Michael Steffes

If you are, you will want to check out this interview [WARNING: AUDIO LINK] with Coach Mora, done by Softy and Hugh Millen on KJR the other day:

The only thing this offense will be constrained by is the limitations of the players.

Mora says it is all on the table. One week they may go no-huddle and ask Matt to toss it around, and the next week they may go with three tight ends and run it down someone's throat. There will be surprises, including something possibly like the wildcat offense using Seneca.

Personally, I have appreciated Mike Holmgren's impact on this team; however, for YEARS I have been waiting for a coach like Mora, someone willing to run a fake punt, or reverse on a return, or any other unpredictable strategy that shows football is a game about going out and winning, not just trying to make the least number of mistakes. It will be a new dawn for Seahawks football.

Look at three of the final four teams this year--young coaches are in charge in this league and doing quite well, and that's not including the success of many others around the league right now. If nothing else, this offseason will be a very exciting time for Seahawks fans. I know I will be brimming with anticipation for football to begin again next fall, if only to see a new brand of Seahawk football. ~END~