Friday, January 16, 2009

Final List Of Underclassmen Who Declared For The Draft

by: William P. Tomisser

Hey gang! First of all, I know a couple of you Addicts who haven't met me yet or gone over to my band's website and looked up my photo have wondered what I looked like. I was asked if I would post a photo, so here it is. I'm not proud. For those of you whose first reaction is "Jeez, that dude's old", I can assure you I feel as old as I look. Mind like a steel trap, though! What did you think I'd look like after 34 years of buying season tickets for this football team we're all so addicted to? Life can be hard on addicts! And finally, for those of you who may be wondering, yeah, I can play that thing under my arm.

Now that I'm out of the closet photo-wise (and don't read anything else into that one either), I challenge the rest of you regular commenter's out there as well as Chris, Mike, Michael, and Matthew to post a picture of themselves too so we all have a good picture in mind of who's talking to us as we banter back and forth. Hopefully I'm not breaking a ton of protocols, here but I figure it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission if I just put that certain part of my anatomy in the wringer. There must be a site where you regular Addicts can post a photo of yourselves. Someone help us out here.

Anyway, concerning the underclassmen, I found three links that I think will give you all you want to know about the ones who declared for the 2009 NFL draft yesterday. Each one has something of value that makes it unique. First of all, here's the complete list of underclassmen who declared for the April 2009 NFL draft with photos and projected draft position. You can link to more information on each prospect from this site. Finally, this site rates each player's decision to go pro this year and gives the date they declared. Enjoy.


Bill T