Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another morning, another mock...

by: Chris Sullivan

The Sportings News' Russ Lande has posted a new first round mock draft (well, a top-10 mock, anyway). Lande has Mark Sanchez going first overall to the Lions, which I think the sentiment of most of us Addicts is that there's no way Sanchez deserves to be a first pick. We'll see how Sanchez does at the Combine and his pro day, but before last week most people had pegged Sanchez as a second rounder before Bradford declined to declare. I give Lande a pass on his first pick becuase if there is any precedence for terrible personnel selection it almost certainly would be found in Detroit. They've got a new squad over there, so I doubt they would snag Sanchez, but hey, who knows.

It does bring up something I recall from last year -- the nonsensical drivel found throughout the Sporting News' official draft magazine. While it's one thing to be "off" a bit -- no one can be perfect, after all -- it appeared to me that they literally just took everyone eligible for the draft the threw them at pieces of paper to get their order. So, as we head into the offseason in earnest, the question of the day becomes this: What sources do you trust for draft coverage (ahem, other than SeahawkAddicts and Rob's Seahawk Draft Blog)? Magazines, websites, talking heads? 

Who are the worst sources? I'd say TSN Magazine and Mel Kiper (can't stand that guy). For the best sources, I'd go with Rob Rang or Rick Gosselin, who is actually the top rated mocker over the past three drafts.