Saturday, January 24, 2009

Leroy Hill: Assclown?

by: Chris Sullivan 

Well, just in case the Seahawks were looking for a calm, easy, arrest-free offseason, their biggest free agent of the year just saw to it that that would not be the case. Leroy Hill was arrested outside of Atlanta today or last night.

Hill was arrested after being found passed out behind the steering wheel at an intersection. Two bags of marijuana were found in the ensuing car search, and the authorities (quite kindly, from a professional-football-player point of view) did not give Hill any sort of breath or alcohol tests. He was also cited for a faulty taillight, hah. 

This cannot help his cause in the free agency pool and it doesn't really help him in the eyes of Mr. Ruskell. Still, Ruskell sees him as a success, and I do not think this necessarily disqualifies him from being re-signed. Marijuana charges -- especially misdreamonr ones -- are not really that big of a deal and pretty much everyone knows it. We'll monitor this going forward, of course... Thanks to FlaHawker in the comments!