Friday, January 9, 2009

Fill Your Friday With Dreams....

by: Michael Steffes

....of impending free agents.

Lets not forget that even before the draft we get the lovely first weeks of NFL free agency. Yesterday, Mr. Ruskell, to quote, said...

We’ll have strategic use of free-agency as well, and re-signing our own players.
While I would not expect him to say anything different at this point, I will leave it to you to discuss what a strategic use of free agency might be. Also, with this, of course, is who it might include.

For your perusal, here are links to's 2009 free agency rankings. I have found them to be as good as any other lists out there. They seem to most accurately rate the Hawks who are free agents, which is why I think they are fair.


Here is a few that I think the Hawks make take a look at given the right price:

To See...

Matt Birk or Jeff Saturday, C-

Want some leadership and toughness on the line, these guys will bring it. I make no secret that I think Chris Spencer should be a guard. He can dominate physically, but struggles with the mental aspect of the game. A tough vet center could dramatically improve the line play, and both of these guys are athletic enough to play in the new system. Saturday would have to prove he is healthy though. Jason Brown seems to thought of as guard first, center second.

Reggie Williams, WR- Maybe so, maybe not. He is a local product who has caught a few tds in his day. He also has massively under-achieved. At the right price he could make a decent reclamation project. On the plus side of the ledger is that he is big and physical and has had plenty of practice run blocking in Jac. Husky fans would probably be excited.

Jovan Haye, DT- Coming out of Tampa's scheme as a rotational tackle makes him right at home here. He has played better than expected in Tampa, but would make the cries about undersized players grow louder. Clearly not a huge difference maker at DT, but Ruskell likes to fill holes before the draft so he isn't locked into certain positions.

Michael Boley, LB- Who ever picks this guy up is going to get a heck of a deal. He had his worst season to date in his contract year, but the year before he was arguably Leroy Hill with hands. He is not likely to command a ton of money, and likely will out perform his contract. Unfortunately, unless Hill leaves, it will be hard to convince LBs to come to Seattle.

DeAngelo Hall, CB- Just Kidding! Making sure you are paying attention. No way! At least I hope no way. If they do make a run at him I will have to re-access my thoughts on the new regime.

Not on the List....

Michael Koening, P- Heck of punter who also handles kickoffs. 20 touchbacks last year. Would allow the Hawks to move Mare, if that is possible, and get the same type of production using one less roster spot. Mora/Ruskell guy from Atlanta.

Shane Lechler, P- Hey, having a punter who is a weapon fits in with the new game plan. Maybe he follows his special teams coach here! That would be win-win.