Friday, January 9, 2009

Ruskell, Mora Sticking with Hasselbeck for 2009

by: Mike Parker

Tim Ruskell has told reporters that Matt Hasselbeck will be the team's quarterback for the 2009 season, ending speculation and rumors of the team trading him.

It also seems as though the only coach who will be returning with the team is offensive line coach Mike Solari, who did great things with the injury-ravaged unit this year. (Who'd have thought a ragtag group could allow zero sacks in the snow to their second-string quarterback against a Jets defense that was supposed to make them eat turf all day?)

Ruskell went on to say he believes the team is in a good position financially, and won't be handcuffed in free agency and the draft. But the most encouraging sentiments from the GM came in this remark:

But Ruskell believes with an attitude change and renewed enthusiasm, along with an infusion of young talent, Seattle could be right in the thick of things again, similar to what happened with Miami and Atlanta this season.
Who knows, maybe the 12th Man isn't so delusional after all... -END-