Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tez Makes Final List for HOF

by: Michael Steffes

According to Clare Farnsworth, Cortez Kennedy has made the final list of 17 for election into the Football Hall of Fame. Tez was a semi-finalist last year, so this is a big step.

Sportswriters will gather together in a hot, crowded, room and debate his worthiness over Superbowl weekend. Tez will need to have a big proponent in the room. John Clayton might be his best chance, although I admit I am not too knowledgeable about who has a vote these days.

Most likely, due to a long backlog of players awaiting entry, Tez will still have to wait another year or two. Despite that, he is clearly deserving and I will probably make my first trip to the HOF in Canton when he is finally elected. ~END~