Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blog Love!

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey guys, busy morning, but shoot, you know I'm still reading stuff. Here are my favorite reads today from some of my favorite Hawk blogs:

Rob Staton discusses Knowshon Moreno, a RB from Georgia. He is being lauded by, well, at least one guy, as the second coming of LT. If you've seen the kid play, you know he's good, but will the Seahawks take a serious look at him? After seeing the Chris Johnson-Lendale White tandem last season, a Moreno-Duckett backfield almost has to be worth at least considering.

Phil (as in, Phil N d'Blanc) lists all the 1st Round tackles since 1987. Worth noting is that until the Free Agency period, the true value of Left tackles was unknown--they were paid and treated like interchangable cogs on the offensive line until the 1980s, but even through the 80s they didn't make more money than the other O-Linemen, despite a few coaches (such as Bill Walsh) understanding their value. I'd look more closely at the tackles taken from 1994 on.

Aaron Weinberg over at Next Season Sports argues that the Hawks need more of a defensive tweaking than a rebuild. I find myself in the same boat here, for the most part, but I have to wonder if part of that is doubting that Ruskell is willing to rebuild the secondary again and not wanting to get my hopes up. Heh.

John Morgan over at Fieldgulls suggests the Hawks replace Leroy Hill with a tandem of David Hawthorne and Will Herring. Herring would likely be an improvement on passing downs, while both would represent a drop-off on rushing plays. Since neither Hill nor Peterson are great in coverage, having a former safety like Herring play a bit more makes quite a lot of sense. If Ruskell plans to go after a big name free agent or three, this might make a lot of sense. ~END~