Friday, January 23, 2009

Left Tackle Free-For-All

by: William P. Tomisser

Yesterday when I did the piece on Raji, I added the excellent reviews Michael Oher had gotten at the Senior Bowl practice and started the perfect storm on Oher and his true potential. Without bringing names into it, I was basted a bit for seemingly favoring Oher over every other choice in the universe. The discussion got a little brisk there for a moment and I thought, why not let everyone in on the fun?

I thought I'd put this topic out there and let everyone have a chance to put their two cents into the debate. Let's open it up a bit though and have us a good old-fashioned left tackle free-for-all. For all you guys who had so much to say about Oher yesterday, here's your chance to lay it all on the line. Let's not just post links at each other to support our points of view, but do our own research and post the quotes we want to use to support our assertions.

Let's start with the premise that Tim Ruskell has decided that the Seahawks are going to select a left tackle with their first choice no matter what. There are four top prospects who are figured to go in the top 10 picks or so. Let's further say for the sake of this discussion that Detroit, St. Louis, and Kansas City all pass on left tackles so all four of the blue chip prospects are available.

Those would be Andre Smith from Alabama, Michael Oher of Ole Miss, Eugene Monroe from Virginia, and Jason Smith of Baylor.

Here's the deal. I want everyone to make their case for which left tackle we should choose given those parameters and justify their choice. If you want to take a shot at putting a knock on one of the left tackles in the process, be my guest just so long as you ultimately suggest which one you would select and why.

Which left tackle would be the best fit for the Seahawks at pick number four in April and why?

Go for it, Seahawk Addicts!


Bill T