Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Possible Seahawks' Coaches on Niners Radar

by: Michael Steffes

One of the beliefs, almost since Mora was announced as a coach in waiting, was that he would be bringing along former compatriots such as his Atlanta OC Greg Knapp and 49ers pal Tom Rathman. Tom Cable was also a candidate. You can see this was referenced all the way back in May on the site, and even predates that.

For a long time it seemed as if there would be no interest in this Raiders coaching staff whose contracts all expire on the 13th, especially after Greg Knapp was stripped of play calling duties and thrown out as a scapegoat for the Raiders' offensive woes.

However, with the 49ers ridding themselves of both Mike Nolan and Mike Martz, things have changed. Today, in the San Jose Mercury News, Ann Killion makes the case for the Niners to hire Tom Rathman as OC. It's a good piece, and shows why Jim Mora and the Hawks like this guy.

However, as Sacramento Bee beat writer Matt Barrows noted in his blog today, the Niners have been looking for a combo of coaches to help ensure continuity if one chooses to leave. It was assumed it would be an OC with a QB coach protege that would come in, but Barrows suggests Knapp and Rathman would fit the bill. That would seemingly put them in direct competition for these coaches with the Hawks.

While I know the name Greg Knapp has not inspired a ton of excitement around Seahawk internet land, let me ask you this: does the fact that the 49ers are looking at these coaches for their up and coming squad make a difference in the way you view them? In my opinion Jagodzinsky, who essentially sealed his fate at BC today, makes the best option. But, in no way would I like two of Mora's buddies coaching our divisional rival by the Bay. If anything, I would like to find a spot for all of them and stick the Niners with someone like Linehan, who is also on their radar.

Your thoughts on the popularity of the Jim Mora coaching tree all of a sudden? END