Sunday, January 18, 2009

Arizona Cardinals advance to the Super Bowl (R-Rated Post)

by: Chris Sullivan

The NFC Worst lives! The Cardinals managed to pull off a victory at home against the Eagles, and, while I'm disappointed, it ultimately doesn't matter. I said last week that if the Eagles beat the Giants, the Cards would advance, so I'm honestly not all that surprised... I don't really think either one of these teams could beat Pittsburgh next week, and I have trouble believing that if Baltimore can beat the Stealers, that they couldn't also beat either of these teams... y'know what I mean, Jellybean?

Congratulations to all the Cardinals and to their fans out there -- they beat the teams they needed to beat this year (namely, us and the 49ers), and got hot at precisely the right time, much like the Giants of last year. Much like the Giants of last year, I don't believe the Cards are the best team in the NFC -- just the hottest -- but I appeared wrong about that for most of 2008 so we'll see how the Cards show up in two weeks.

Enough caveats. Lets make this mo-flipper R-RATED! Go Go Go!