Monday, January 26, 2009

The DT Draft -- Senior Bowl reaction

by: Chris Sullivan 

Well, while we were busy watching the Senior Bowl, Leroy Hill was busy getting arrested and, well, that was sort of the end of the senior bowl coverage. 

I thought I'd take a look at the Defensive Tackle situation since we had focused on it quite a bit last week. BJ Raji stepped up in practices last week and dominated against just about everyone he faced... in practice. Unfortunately for Mr. Raji he forgot to show up at the actual Senior Bowl. Well, not literally, but he didn't really make a play all night and seemed pretty far away from doing so.

On the other hand, the closest thing Raji has to a rival for the top DT spot in the draft, Peria ("Peh-ray") Jerry made a number of plays, most noticeably diving on a fumble in the endzone to put the final nail in the North teams coffin. Friend to the blog Scott Wright noted (from the sidelines, no less): 
Ole Miss DT Peria Jerry was a force of nature in the second half, ringing up a sack, a tipped ball and a fumble recovery for a touchdown. He was one of the best players I saw on the field for either team tonight.
Here are scouting reports for both of them: Peria Jerry & BJ Raji. who would you rather see in a Seahawks uniform?