Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ahhh the Good Times

by: Michael Steffes

If you are interested in seeing something that the Seahawks hope you won't see again this year or in any upcoming year, tune in to the NFLN tomorrow. They are replaying week 9.

NFLN will be re-broadcasting the Seahawks/Cleveland NFL Replay twice, at 2:30 PST and at 10PM PST. You will see what it looks like when a team is disturbingly bad at converting short yardage situations. You can also see Nate take a punt return 90 yards to the house and do a Lebron James taunt to the fans, a personal favorite of mine.

Of course as a juxtaposition, you will see Jamal Lewis convert several short yardage situations, mostly set up by unbelievable TE play. Starting in 08', I feel confident that the Hawks will be a team who converts in the red-zone due to power running and solid tight ends. So consider this a sneak preview of sorts. As far as agonizing defeats go, I think this is one I might be able to stomach watching again. END