Friday, May 30, 2008

Overrated / Underrated

by: Michael Steffes

Pete Prisco, football writer for CBS Sports released the annual rite of passage that is his overratted-underrated list. As part of this list, he opted to place a player in each category for every team.

For the Seahawks, he has a par of Deo(i)n's. Deion Branch is listed as overrated and Deon Grant is listed as underrated. It is pretty hard to argue with these selections. Although, it is somewhat unfair to label someone as overrated just because they have been injury prone. Deion Branch hasn't not lived up to expectations in Seattle yet, but he was performing very well before he got hurt last year. He was performing very well in 06' before Matt got hurt. Hopefully someday he can put it together for a full season and get people off his back.

Deon Grant is a great choice as the underrated player. How can a good safety not be underrated in this conference? This is the same conference that sends Roy Williams to the Pro Bowl every year, despite every NFC team abusing him during their meetings with the Boys'. Grants smooth and steady play elevated the games of everyone around him last year, too bad no one really took notice. END