Sunday, May 18, 2008

Who is the NFC's Best?

by: Michael Steffes

Ok, today seems like a perfect today to do this, so I have updated the Seahawk Addicts Power Rankings.

I have made the decision to change the format a bit. Rather than debating the top 15 teams or so, I decided that, for now, we shouldn't even worry about the AFC. To stay congruent with what the Hawks focus should be, I have changed the power rankings to NFC Power Rankings.

For one, you no longer have to sort through all the AFC team crammed into the top because of media bias. Now we can compare apples to apples. Also, I ranked based of talent, not other factors. You will see that St. Louis is ahead of San Fran, despite me picking San Fran to finish ahead of the Rams in the division. While I mention the Rams schedule, the talent is what earns them their ranking until the games are played. Anyway, here are the rankings...

So debate away... Thats what power ranks are meant to do. As always, tell us your logic so that readers understand where you are coming from and can debate back.

Also, with a slow day expected, if anybody has questions about all things Seahawks, I will be happy to give my opinion later in the day.

Also, if there is ever a question you have that you want me to be alerted to that isn't part of a normal conversation, use the special question mark that is part of the smiley faces. I have been meaning to alert readers to this as a way to say HEY MICHAEL ANSWER THIS FOOL! I believe the code is_ :?: _Use it!