Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Football Weather!

by: Michael Steffes

Sounds like there is some good weather for playing football up there in the Northwest! Not much to report from practice today. Jeb Putzier was back, but the mash unit continues to grow, apparently Courtney Taylor sat out today. I am sure the other receivers didn't have a hard time keeping warm.

Sounds like the focus is on the wide receivers still, and with good reason. Gil Haskell supported what I was saying earlier, that the young guys have a great opportunity to show their worth. "What great experience. They're getting every play," offensive coordinator Gil Haskell said. "By the time we have to play, we'll know who can play and who can't." Also according to Frank Hughes, Haskell called Logan Payne "just a tough s--- who will go after the ball." Thats exactly what this offense needs...a little toughness! I love it.

Also Clare Farnsworth mentioned that Jason Babin had a good day. He is gonna need a whole more where that came from to make this team. He is the one DE who really doesn't have the versatility to justify keeping. At least Cooper and Atkins can slide inside.

Not sure there will be much more from me today. My wonderful woman is celebrating a birthday, so don't expect much from the blog tonight. My apologies. Calling Chris Sullivan....Keep the addicts satisfied tonight!!!