Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NFC West Nostalgia

by: Michael Steffes

Here is an interesting story this morning from Yahoo Sports Mike Silver that should peak the interest of NFC West fans. The Rams are for Sale, which isn't by itself all that interesting except when you look at who wants to buy back in, Eddie DeBartolo JR. I can hear the Niners fans grumbling from all the way down here in LA. DeBartolo was of course the Niners owner during their glory days who was disgraced during a rough patch in which he was indicted in a Fraud/Gambling/Bribery scandal. He signed the team over to his sister who is now running the team, Denise DeBartolo-York.

The other interesting note, is that Eddie would possibly be interested in moving the team back Los Angeles. That would shave some of the miles of the Seahawks travel schedule, along with eliminating the only divisional game with a 10am start. That would be plus. That and there would be one heck of a family feud going on within the division, which will certainly create some headlines. We will see what happens, the league is going to be taking a PR hit with the labor problems already, so they may not be as interested in bringing DeBartolo back as he is in becoming an owner again. To quote Eddie Jr, ""It'll be interesting to see what happens."END