Friday, May 23, 2008

Answers To Your Questions Vol 9

by: Michael Steffes

Wow great to see so much excitement surrounding the season! Sounds like Seahawk Addicts will have a representative reader at almost every game. Also, seems like a lot are interested in doing a meet and greet. I am certainly in favor. I will see what I can find as the best way to set something up for a pre-game tailgate. I have a little something up my sleeve for the New England game too, which will be an all day tailgate because of the evening kickoff. I will have to see how things shape out.

Anyway, I thought I would use this post as a way to address many of the great comments from the day. Here we go....

AuburnCaHawkfan... As for now, I am only planning on going to the home SF game, but that has been the plan before and I end up at Monster Park, or whatever they are calling it these days. Crappy stadium, but a great place to jive it up with Niner fans. That would probably be cheap to get to for me, so I will keep you updated.

Chris (Sullivan I think?) Enjoy Miami! I wanted to go, but I got Giants tickets given to me instead. Miami will be a rager!

Steve.... Why do SA's think Julius Jones will lead the team in touchdowns?

That is a good question Steve. I understand your point with the RB by Committee limiting touchdowns by any one RB. I think the same ends up happening with WR's too though. I expect Nate to get nastier this year as well. Hopefully he scores even more. As for the poll, I say lets chalk it up to running game optimism. I am confident both guys get double digit TD's.

BobbyK... That will be a fun game regardless of it being the first preseason game. You will have to report back and tell us about the experience. Although, I think the famous crowd noise will be a bit tempered. In any other year, the preseason is mostly a throw away, but this year there are so many compelling story lines. Hopefully you will be able to get up and close to the action.

Scotia Seahawk.... Asked how I get tickets to road games?

I am a big fan on Ebay for tickets, but I have found the key is to watch it like a Hawk for a good deal. Right now tickets for all the games are expensive because people haven't even received the actual tickets. Once fans actually have the tickets, you can find some decent deals. Not everyone is a cold hearted scalper these days, although the secondary market has totally exploded in recent years. Luckily for the Giants game, I got tickets from a family friend. I often take friends I have around the country to games at Qwest, like the last Giants game (poor guy), and that way when the Hawks play on their turf it gets returned.

Stratagerie... Oh yeah, you can tailgate and not go to the game for sure. Most of it takes place outside the stadium. You got to get to a game this year girl. Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan will come through for ya!

Jarrod.... We will have to figure something out for the Bills game. I also found out there is a So Cal Seahawks group that meets in Culver City as well, really close to me. However, in the end I have a feeling I will like to be near my computer during most road games.

Papahawk.... Sounds like you got a great system! Parking is a killer down there! I usually park in the North lot because I get a pass with my tix, but maybe when there is going to be a big SA crowd, we could just get one or two cars to park and the rest could walk in. That might be the best way to go about getting a Seahawk Addicts tailgate together. I got a person or two in mind already.

Jeremy, AL, and Josh
... Dallas game is going to be sweet!!!! I am going to be tied up a bit with family stuff, but I can't wait to see a bunch of Hawks fans in Big D! Julius is going to cut through the Dallas D like John Madden does a tur-duck-en!

Great Job today folks. Sounds like we are all in the same boat, just can't wait for the season to get going.