Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No Quick Fix

by: Michael Steffes

There appears to be no quick resoulution on the Bobby front. Clare Farnsworth has talked with Bobby and he won't be attending practice today either. Here is the quote Clare got from Bobby.....

"It's about money, absolutely, but it's not about some selfish athlete just wanting money for no reason," Engram said this morning.
I am not sure how we are supposed to interpret Bobby's quote, but it seems there is more to his side of the story. Hopefully he will let the fans know, so we can adequately assess the situation. From a team perspective, it is clear. They don't want to give new money to a 35 year old who is under contract. They were probably expecting he would play out the final year of his deal and consider retirement. At least, that is what I was expecting. If he does want to continue playing, he is doing nothing right now that will encourage the front office to keep him around beyond this year. With Mora coming in and no Holmgren to go to bat for him, he may want to reconsider this strategy. END