Friday, May 9, 2008

Holmgren Still Hungry in His Final Year

by: Michael Steffes

Well, not quite the hunger Seahawk fans want to hear about, but hungry none the same. Don't worry, I am sure he is hungry for a Superbowl too, but for now, he is just plain hungry.

Mike Holmgren is trying to lose weight. According to Jim Moore of the PI, Mike has become a regular at the Jenny Craig office. Instead of talking West Coast Offense and Mic Linebacker Blitzes, he is talking lasagna and salad Dressing. Hey, you go coach!

To be serious for a second, this needs to be applauded. In the context of football, we talk a lot about players bettering themselves for the good of the team. Coach is bettering himself for the sake of a long happy life with Kathy, his daughters and his grandchildren. That needs to be recognized. Maybe this is what coach has in store for next year. Forget being a GM, he is going to be a Jenny Craig spokesperson. Hey, its better than him ending up in San Francisco, right? END