Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lofa Tatupu Arrested

by: Michael Steffes

According to KJR Radio, Lofa Tatupu was arrested early Sat night at 2:26 Am in Kirkland for suspicion of DUI. We will have to wait for more details. His BAC was .155. He was arrested in a McDonald's parking lot.

Lofa has been known to go out in Kirkland in the evenings. I heard a RUMOR that he was involved in an incident last year during the playoffs in which another party was thrown out of a bar and waited outside for Lofa and struck him, allegedly. I stress that was a RUMOR I heard. In other words, I am not that surprised. There have been rumblings about this sort of behavior. Still, this is disappointing.

Again, another incident for the Seahawks this offseason. This could get old really quick. Obviously the team is not going to take action against Lofa, however more of concern is that the league could suspend him. Arrrrrh. END