Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mini Camp Ends

by: Michael Steffes

Today was the final day of work, at least for the mini camp. Things go back to normal, so to speak, I guess. What that means is that the guys will still be around for the offseason lifting program, but no more practice.

There are two more mini camps in June. According to Frank Hughes they run June 2nd through 5th, and then June 9th through 12th. Training camp should open Friday July 25th. In past years, the team has gotten two weeks worth, or 14 practices in before their first preseason game. Using that logic, the camp should open then.

As for what to look for, well the big issue between now and the next meetings is health. The team needs to get the offensive line healthy and playing together. The all important "gel" factor. I would expect the roster to mostly stay the same, but there could be some June1 1st cuts worth monitoring. That has slowed down in recent years though, since the change in the CBA, allowing teams to designate players early.

Hopefully by the time the next camp rolls around, there will be some positive news and we can all get back to talking about the Superbowl bound Seahawks again. END