Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Big Payday

by: Michael Steffes

I thought that with nothing else going on it maybe fun to see how much the newest Seahawks can expect to get paid this upcoming season.

I went back and looked at the players selected in the same draft slots the Seahawks held this year and researched their salaries. This years draft class can expect any where from a 5-8% raise. Here is what I came up with. To see...

First Round...Lawrence Jackson (28)

Last year's 28th pick was San Fran's Joe Staley. He received a 5 year 8 million dollar contract. He got 4.135 million in bonuses.

Lo Jack can expect an deal in the neighborhood of 8.5 million. His bonus money should hit 4.4 million

Second Round...John Carlson (38)

Last years 38th pick was the Raiders selection of Zach Miller. His deal was for 4 years and 5.6 million. He got .965 mil as a singing bonus as a rookie and well get a tasty 2.522 for making the team this year.

Carlson should get 4 years 6 mil. He can expect the bonus money to be about 3.6 million. Now if we can just get a 7% increase on Millers 444 yards and 3 touchdowns for a rookie tight end.

Fourth Round....Red Bryant (121)

Last years pick was troubled young man, Marcus Thomas to Denver. He was cleared on his most recent charges though, so he he won't have to spend any of his 4 year 2.093 mil on an attorney. Maybe he should consider using part of his 428K signing bonus on a retainer just in case.

Big Red should expect something close to 4 years 2.25 million with a friendly 450K to sign.

Fifth Round...Owen Schmitt (163)

Tackle Brandon Frye form VT was selected by Houston here last year. His deal is for two years an 349K. He only got 160K to sign. Pays to be a fourth rounder huh.

Owen can expect something in the vicinity of a 2 year deal worth 375K, w/ 170K to sign. Don't worry Owen, 170K buys a lot of coasters and beer. And don't worry Schmitt fans, even though sometimes mid round picks sign short deals, they are under team control for another year and become RFA's the year following.

Sixth round....Tyler Schmitt (189)

Last year, new Seahawk Joel Filani was selected by Tennessee in this spot. Well, he was released so his contract stayed mostly a mystery, but Courtney Taylor was selected 8 spots later and he got 4 years and 1.757 million. I would think that Mr. Schmitt may break the mold a touch due to his position. I guess that he gets 4 years and 1.6. Taylor only got 90K upfront. I will guess Schmitt gets 100K as a signing bonus.

7th round...Justin Forsett (233) and Brandon Coutu (235)

The players in these spots where two wide receivers. Chandler Williams went 233rd to Minnesota. Chansi Stucky went 235th to the Jets. Williams data is unavailable as well, but he was selected right after one Steve Vallos who got two years and 382K with a 47,000 dollar signing bonus. Forsett can expect a two year 405K deal with 50k upfront.

Stucky got a 4 year 2.15 million dollar deal with 35K upfront. Expect Coutu to receive something close around the same. 2.30 for his four team controlled years seems right, with 37,500 upfront.

All of my figures are based on about a 6% raise and finding a nice round figure. Just thought this would give an interesting perspective on how draft round equals payday...or not, depending. Either way, these guys figure to have a touch more disposable income this year than they did last. Good luck rooks!