Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sims Takes Shot at Shaun?

by: Michael Steffes

Over at the Seattle Times Blog, Jose Romero has transcribed some of his interview with Rob Sims, the one used for the story I linked to earlier.

Here is what Rob Says about the new look running game....

"It's a new deal. We're falling in love with Julius Jones. With T.J. Duckett there and the guys up front, man, it's starting to fit. Nobody feels like anybodys bigger than anybody else."
For those of you who read this blog, I am not usually in the business of stirring the pot just for the sake of making waves. However, I couldn't help but point out the implications of what Sims is saying. Nobody feels bigger than anybody else? I think the only way this can be interpreted is that Shaun maybe saw himself in a different light than the rest of the team. It is funny to see a veiled shot at the former running back, especially after all the veiled shots sent the lines way last year from #37, deserved or not. END