Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tim Ruskell on Mini Camp

by: Michael Steffes

Tim Ruskell covers all things mini-camp, on his blog, at Specifically on the wide receivers:

The young receivers (Ben Obomanu, Logan Payne, Courtney Taylor and Jordan Kent) showed it wasn’t too big for them running with the first team offense and getting so many reps. They all responded and had their special moments. It was encouraging for everybody. They had to do a lot more reps than they usually would with the injuries we had. We didn’t bring in that many receivers to begin with, which we may have to rectify for the next camp. But we’re very happy with where they’re at and you can see that their confidence is better. They’re not thinking so much. They’re just doing it and that’s when you really can see their ability to play football.

We feel good about that group. That doesn’t mean we won’t keep looking, we’ll always keep looking, but there’s nobody that disappointed. They took a step last year and it looks to all of us like they just kept growing this week.
Sounds to me like if they add anybody, it will be just to bring the workload of the young guys down. The addition of any veteran who makes the team likely means one of the young guys doesn't. As reader BillT points out, with Jim Zorn lurking in DC, it is highly unlikely the Seahawks can slip any of them to the practice squad. I will let you all discuss..... END