Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Walt.... Country Music Superstar?

by: Michael Steffes

Well, not quite, but his foundation is putting on a giant country music concert featuring Clint Black. The event is being put on by the Walter Jones Foundation to help raise money for Cancer research. The article by Mark Hughes Cobb at Tusk Magazine states....

Jones, an Aliceville native and Seattle Seahawks Pro Bowl lineman, has been so blessed by his pro career, Graham said, that he wanted to give back to his home state. In fact, the concert idea was sparked in part by the failure of the A-Day concert, and because Jones has seen many shows go to Birmingham that he thinks would work as well in Tuscaloosa.

I always like to point out the good work Seahawks do when I see it. Especially when we have an offseason marred by couple of arrests. Regardless of the behavior problems throughout the NFL, it could also be said that NFL players are some of the most generous athletes around as well. We all know Big Walt is a big teddy bear off the field, but it is good to point it out anyway. There is nothing better than a sure fire Hall of Famer who is also a great role model to not only kids, but younger players as well. END