Monday, May 26, 2008

More TSN Rankings

by: Michael Steffes

First Off, I want to say that I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend and a lovely Memorial Day. It was a beautiful day for being outside and grilling in So Cal. Also, I want to send my special thanks to all those who have serve or have served this country. It is because of you that people like me are allowed to publish thoughts, and others are allowed to read. This is a great country, and there are no bigger patriots than are service men and women. On to Seahawks football....

Well I had to get actually get the print copy of the TSN to provide you linebacker ratings, it appears that with the new issues out, last weeks analysis is available online. Here is a link to the TSN ratings of NFC safeties.

When it comes to the Seahawk safeties I have a hard time getting worked up when they go unnoticed. They are not flashy. They just do their jobs exactly how they are supposed to. In fact, Grant and Russell turned the fortunes of our entire defense. That said, I realize that the media likes flashy. For some reason they love Roy Williams. Every Cowboys fan I know hates him. He can't cover. As for Darren Sharper being the best in conference, well I think the Vikings pass defense last year speaks volumes, especially when you consider they don't have to drop extra men in the box in MN. Just more rankings for debate, what do you say Seahawk Addicts? END